How to Make Perfect Delicious Practical Chocolate Ball Snack

How to Make Perfect Delicious Practical Chocolate Ball Snack

Practical Delicious Chocolate Ball Snack. Also check out other delicious Chocolate Banana Balls recipe! assalamualaikum in this video I will share the recipe for chocolate balls, this recipe is very easy to practice besides being easy it also tastes very good and can last a long time. Another delicious Simple Nut Chocolate Ball without a Mixer! See also the recipe for the Economical Chocolate Ball Cake and another delicious simple spoon measure!

In this video, I will give tips, recipes for easy ways to make delicious and practical cakes without having to be in the oven and are widely liked. Coco Crunch Chocolate Cake is one of the must dishes. Chocolate Balls – Chocolate balls, also known as chocolate balls. You can have Practical Delicious Chocolate Ball Snack using 7 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Practical Delicious Chocolate Ball Snack

  • Prepare 250 gr of glutinous rice flour less than.
  • Prepare 4 Tbsp of Wheat Flour.
  • It’s half tsp of baking soda.
  • It’s 4 Tbsp of Sugar.
  • It’s 2 Tbsp of Butter.
  • You need a pinch of Garam.
  • It’s of Meses.

Three words that come to mind to give the first impression on the chocolate balls. Easy to make, delicious in taste, and attractive in appearance. Check out other delicious Chocolate Balls recipes too! It’s really easy to make and uses simple ingredients.

Delicious Practical Chocolate Ball Snack instructions

  • Pour all the ingredients except the meses, add water little by little while kneading until smooth and let stand a few minutes until it expands like this.
  • If you have taken a small round dough “and put meses in it.
  • Mine is about this way.
  • When fried, the dough will expand. It’s not like dough when it’s not fried.
  • And TARAA.. It tastes like a really good donut.. Please try it….

A simple recipe for stock snacks is not complicated to make, the ingredients are also easy to get. Tips and Recipes for Making Delicious, Cheap, Practical and No Oven Chocolate Balls! It doesn’t feel like the fasting month will soon end. Surely all of you are flocking to shop for Eid needs in this blessed year. How to Make Chocolate Balls, Cheese, Nutritious Snack Recipes, Healthy and Nutritious.