How to Cook Yummy Tongkol

How to Cook Yummy Tongkol

Cob crunchy. Tongkol (Euthynnus affinis) is a type of marine fish from the Scombridae tribe. Mainly exploring in shallow waters near the coast in the Indo-West Pacific region, mackerel is one of the most important types of catch for fishermen. Many think that tuna, tuna, and skipjack are the same type of fish with different names.

Besides being economical, tuna is also rich in protein. Usually people process it by frying. But there are also those who process them into sardines. You can have Tongkol kriuk using 3 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieved it.

Stuffed Calzone with garlic buttered crust

Ingredients of Crispy Cob

  • It’s 5 slices of cob.
  • It’s 1 pack of kobe tempe kriuk.
  • Prepare of cooking oil.

Find fish tongkol stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. These crackers derived from tuna are snacks that many people like because of their savory and delicious taste. Tongkol Fish Cracker.. the tastiest balado cob, the most complete collection of processed salted fish recipes, various crispy recipes, various processed foods made from delicious noodles, various recipes for cooking rice. Want to make crunchy tempura with crunchy and delicious spices?

Cob crunchy step by step

  • Prepare materials.
  • Pour flour then add water.
  • Heat the oil, fry the cob slices that have been coated with flour.
  • Remove the crispy cobs and it’s ready to eat.

Let’s try this delicious and crunchy vegetable tempura recipe. Tuna fish has the Latin name Euthynnus affinis. This fish is commonly found in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, including Indonesia and other ASEAN countries. Side dishes that are suitable for stock, if you are lazy to cook, just open the jar if you make a lot. In Kelantan, white tuna is more popular because the contents are denser and very suitable for making fish curry for this side dish or commercial rice. cob.